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July 8, 2011
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MS - Kyrios Aleiron by Kei-Renzo MS - Kyrios Aleiron by Kei-Renzo
for :iconmemoriasomnium:

Feel free to ask me for an rp via notes/skype/forum.

-Serving the Kingdom of Pennute

- Name
Mirith "Kyrios" Aleiron.
Prefers being called Kyr or Kyrios; hates name "Mirith".
Sometimes is called “Boor” or “Churl” for his manners.
Has gained "Hooded Idiot" nick from Gwen. (=w=b)
Linnaea calls him "Officer Aleiron" for tease... which pisses him off all the time.

- Age
Date of birth – 09.04 (Aries)

- Gender

- Height
179 cm (nearly 6'0")

- Race
Human (?)

Eye color - lavender blue.
Hair color - white with light maroon shades.
Peculiarities - large cross tattoo around left eye; a few lavender blue Lun’Erco crystals implanted in both palms.

- Job/Occupation
Bounty killer/ State Officer /Member of Expedition team.
Works for government but loves taking side-tasks from random people as well.
Is a good messenger; manages to cover large distances at rather short period of time.

- Base Class

- Weapon
Usually carries a crossbow and two quivers with various arrows (light//heavy//with lun'erco powder - have various effects like exploding); a dagger (usually hidden in boot-top); uses Lun'Erco crystals in hand as weapon as well - they concentrate his energy into light bolts/arrows. A new item in his weaponry is a custom-made claw that he uses for climbing up landmarks to gain advantage in shooting... Sharp claws of it act finely as a close-range weapon as well.

- Stats
+ STR: 8
+ MAG: 8
+ DEF: 4
+ RES: 4
+ SPD: 10
+ DEX: 22
+ STA: 6
+ INT: 8

Awful is close-ranged battles that last long; on contrary, he is really good in archery. Also has a grasp in using magic enegry, but totally not considers it useful to study it well.
Kyrios is a rather good poison-maker; he also loves working with herbs and making potions. It’s one of the few things that he really loves doing; it’s not rare to find him bargaining for herbs on market or experimenting with new potions. Sometimes he tastes samples himself on his own risk, but he had been lucky enough up until now. Moreover it even gave him slight poison resistance – not that he won’t die due to poisoning, but it takes more time for poison to cease him than in case of usual person.
Kyrios has Lun'Erco crystals implanted in right hand; with their help creates arrows out of magic energy. The more he uses crystals, the faster they wear out and start cracking, so he has to change them, which is not the most pleasant thing in the world.... So that makes him prefer normal arrows much more than magic.

- Magic
- Fire: 0
- Water: 0
- Earth: 0
- Air: 0
- Light: 4

Knows how to use light energy only; but actually he doesn’t care about it. As long as he can create light arrows and slightly heal himself – it’s okay.

- Skills
Mana pool = 8*10=80.
Recovers energy rather fast if has a good rest (a few hours of sleep + good food). Has another one method of recovery – his own potions (+20 mana with each); still after taking more than 2 of them he starts feeling dizzy (and has a strong headache which doesn’t let him concentrate at all) and after getting to safe place he takes reeeeally long sleep.

Mana – 1 per arrow.
Creates an arrow from light magic energy; it has slightly better characteristics than usual ones - flies further, makes more damage. Every such arrow has quite a big pressure on crystals implanted in Kyrios's hand; after a few month of intensive using of light arrows he has to go through pain of changing crystals.
He can't create more than 15 of such arrows in a row; he has to have a rest, at least an hour, before starting to make them again. If he doesn't have any respite, it might influence on his health and weaken him.

Mana – 10 per try.
Ability to lock-on and track target for a long period of time even at a big distance; he kinda feels that person around. Can track only one person at period of time; if something breaks his concentration - he won't be able to find that person again. Spell also nullifies once another target is being locked-on.

Mana – from 10 to 20.
Upon concentrating light energy around himself, Kyrios creates impulse of blinding light. Depending on amount of energy used, blinding effect lasts from 0,5 minute to 7 minutes. Usually uses this skill to win some time to get away from enemies or to take better position for archery. If person manages to close eyes when this skill is activated, he/she makes lesser impact or even withstand blinding effect.

- Birthplace&Residence
Birthplace - Pennute, Alrose

- Hobbies
Bargaining with merchants (ugh, usually succeeds in buying everything at lower price partly to good bargaining and partly to noisy and rude behaviour =v="); creating potions and testing them on himself.

- Likes
Leiian people, fast horse riding, white chocolate, mountain areas.

- Dislikes
Alcohol, drunk people, loud parties, excessive attention to himself, people touching or staring at his hair, bright light, mirrors.

- Personality
Kyrios is mostly silent, you can rarely see him talking on his own will – mostly it happens only when he is in good spirits (after decent sleep//cup of hot white chocolate//good bargaining//finishing quest//speaking with sister). However, when it comes to talking when Kyr is in his usual, gloomy mood - he can become quite noisy and rude.
You might think that it is lack of manners; oh no, he has some tact and knows how to behave in higher society - his parents are rich bourgeois, who were granted a title. So it is obvious that they have hammered some bits of etiquette in his head - but Kyr doesn’t really like showing politeness and courteous behavior; mostly, because he is irritated by all these long talks.
Still, he does try to be softer with acquaintances, and, actually, Kyrios enjoys hanging out with those whom he likes. But yeah, he doesn’t have many close friends – all due to having foul temper. VERY FOUL TEMPER, I should say.
Sometimes he is a bit arrogant, but knows limits as well; and while being a person who likes trolling others (just a bit, and mostly in return for their jokes and teasing), he gets extremely irritated and outraged when someone tries playing joke on him. This guy is really revengeful - if someone succeeds in their prank, or if someone lies to him – Kyr will remember it for ages.
Actually, Kyrios hardly trusts anyone; during quests, if he is working in a group, he prefers still working on his own and not listening to group orders. Mostly it is because Kyrios thinks that he knows his work better (ha, try persuading him that he’s doing wrong and you’ll get an outburst of rage~). He’s not a good leader as he doesn’t like commanding as well; the best description for him is a "lone wolf".
However, with all his rudeness, he has quite much softer attitude towards women; while a male might not convince him to take up a task, a female might succeed in it. But Kyrious is not a lady-killer; he just has strange admiration towards females.

- Background
Nothing much can be said; at least, from what Kyr knows himself.
Kyrios was born in rather rich family; his parents are quite old and they actually stopped hoping to get a child, but whoa, miracle! One certain blonde was born.
He was raised in rather strict atmosphere, although he got everything he wanted - parents loved their only son. At some moment of time he started being rather spoiled and arrogant; parents were worried about their son. They thought that maybe turning Kyrios in religion would be best decision; they decided to join pilgrimage to La’Hansi. Kyrios was highly against but had nothing to do but to join parents.
His entire life changed when he met leiian girl during that trip. She was a beggar on one of streets in a border city; still, even covered with dirt and torn clothes, she caught attention of Kyrios. He gave her charity and somehow started a talk; after a while Kyrios told his parents that he wanted to take her home. In return for this favor he promised to go to military academy and start working hard.
Stunned parents agreed, seeing his determination; they adopted that poor girl and gave her name – poor child was nameless. So at age of 16 Kyrios went in military academy and spent there long two years, working on his skills. It appeared to be that young man had quite a rare eyeseight, which let him aim really good. After thinking a while Kyrios decided on quite a risky thing - implanting Lun'Erco crystals in right hand. It was rather painful experience, but after knowing that he can create strong magic blasts with that thing, Kyrios thought that it was worth doing.
After finishing it he started working for government. His behavior turned a bit softer and he became more tolerate; still it was hard to cope with him, so mostly Kyrios took single missions.
Now, being 20 years old, he works as an officer and still polishes his skills.

Image song
Shiny Toy Guns - Stripped -

- Other Info
-Has adopted sister who is leiian; cares deeply about her as she is one of few persons whom he admires deeply. They look alike even though they are of different races.
-Kyrios made a tattoo around left eye to match his sister’s – she has similar one around right eye.
-Doesn’t like loud parties; feels uncomfortable and tries to get in a silent corner or even leave party. Also hates drunk people.
-loves animals much more than people; they give less problems and are more friendly towards Kyr. =v=b
-Actually he hates loud noises; after spending much time in noisy place he has terrible headache.
-Well, to be honest, headaches bother him even when he's not in a noisy place. They just come and disappear... Kyr hates them and tries to heal it himself but fails.

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JBeanSV Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Finally upload him  ;w; 

Kei-Renzo Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
JBeanSV Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Extrics Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh god, now that I look at it, I'm in love with this design *A* It's so nicely balanced and clothy °u°

And also, that's a wonderful AC3 cosplay you did there o:
Kei-Renzo Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*O* Thanks! I love making my characters more or less rounded; guess I have managed it with Kyr. :)

And thanks again. XD AC3 is one of my biggest projects. UwU
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lol I think he's really well balanced design wise :'D I adore his style *v*

I absolutely love well done AC cosplays. They seem so hard to make and stuff and so I always appreciate the effort cosplayers put into the costume and stuff haha.
Kei-Renzo Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One of weirdest. XD I swear I need to make a compilation of his outfits and post it sometime. XD

Right. :) Besides, I am a big fan of series, so it was enjoyable to work on the costume! Even though I am not a big fan of the character, lol XD
Extrics Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol That'll certainly be interesting to see :'D

I absolutely adore the series though I can't say Connor was my favorite character either. I personally loved Ezio and Altair better than Connor though I can see why he did some of the things he did.
Kei-Renzo Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
X'D I have it stashed somewhere, I think...

Well, Ezio still remains my most favourite character; I guess it's just everything combined - the time period, the character himself, people around him, Italy... So AC2 became my most fav game ever (AC:B and AC:R are lovely as well, but were of a lesser impact than AC2, to be honest). Connor, if you ask me, is a bit too 'raw' in a way? I have a feeling that they missed something about him, because I can't even get him as a character~
Extrics Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man, Ezio is so great. The writers did a wonderful job on him really, it's a shame they weren't as good on Connor. The writers who wrote AC2 wrote AC3 so they probably felt like they had to go a completely different direction I guess. I personally loved ACB the best just because Ezio is a little less foolish and he's more mature but I still love AC2 and ACR haha. Ezio was just a well written character. I don't know what else there is to it haha.
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